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This copper based mineral is not going to allow you to avoid and weasel your way out of emotions that you have been hiding. It is a lovingly confrontational stone and an energetic intervention stone! Remember that your emotional energetic field is like a closet... you can only stuff so much into it before nothing else fits. The only way to get lasting feelings of happiness and other good feelings to move through you is by digging out that closet and getting rid of those old things you don't need anymore. - I often say my job as a crystal healer involves helping you clean out your energetic closet! In crystal healing sessions I help you to look in your closet and ask "Do you really wear this anymore??" And when you look it over you see it hasn't been worn in ten years and yeah you have good memories of it and it's time to give it to Goodwill. And when we are done closet cleaning you now have space to add things that you will wear!

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