Kinder Garden flower essence

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A child's bouquet to soothe feelings and nourish radiance.


  • A baseline formula for all children from infancy to pre-adolescence championing the inherent light within the child; helping the soul of the child to find expression and self-esteem
  • For any developmental challenges in the child such as learning impediments, emotional trauma, or inappropriate sexual disturbance in the child due to abuse or related cultural influences
  • During any time of crisis or dissolution in the child’s family, at school or in the community – such as divorce, death or natural disaster
  • As a general protection against hardening or disturbing influences that disrupt the natural learning rhythms of the child, such as technology, travel, or homelessness
  • To assist in the over-all harmony of thinking, feeling and willing forces in the child; when the child may develop mental or physical abilities beyond the soul’s capacity for balance and moral advancement


    • Angelica – Helping the child to feel alignment with and protection from the spiritual world; counteracting hardening and materialistic forces that stymie the child’s spiritual identity
    • Chamomile – Soothing and calming for the emotional center (solar plexus) of the child; harmonizing fluctuations in the feeling life, poor sleep or fickle appetite
    • Pink Yarrow – Providing clarity and definition for diffuse boundaries or an overly-porous sense of self; integration of the child’s natural sensitivity with appropriate containment and centering
    • Chicory – Inner security and emotional freedom; counteracting negative attention measures, neediness or tantrums; re-directing psychic currents of energy to build heart forces that give and receive freely
    • Mariposa Lily – Helping the child to receive nurturing and love; especially bolstering the mother-child bond and healing birth or family-related trauma
    • Buttercup – Encouraging the pure light of the child to shine forth; helping feelings of self-doubt or low self-esteem that diminish the natural radiance of the child
    • Downy Avens – To help ground the mental consciousness of the child so that it remains in vibrant harmony with core feelings; thinking which develops through the avenue of the heart and moral perception; soul healing for Attention Deficit and related disorders
    • Essential Oils: Orange, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang
    • Organic grape alcohol 


    "Our three year old grandson was dropped off this morning, and he was having a fit, crying hysterically and irrational about everything. We couldn't seem to pull him out of it no matter what. I sprayed the Kinder Garden on my hands, rubbed them together briskly and smoothed his hair and arms and back. Within seconds he calmed down, then quit crying, and quickly became his usual composed self—ready to eat breakfast and watch cartoons. My husband was amazed."  P.D. - Waynesville, NC

    "My daughter has struggled with feelings of being unloved and ignored ever since she was a toddler. I have used over a dozen Bach flower essences over the past two years and they made no effect on her emotional beliefs. I was introduced to FES flower essences three months ago and I have seen dramatic affects on my daughter. My daughter actually begged to have more and more of the Kinder Garden Flourish blend. She is feeling secure, doing well in school and feels confident in her love from mom and dad. I am amazed at how quickly and effectively the FES flower essences work! Thank you for such a great product."  Kellie Sletten - Stillwater, MN                                                     

    Directions: Pump 3 times into mouth or mist around the head.

    1 ounce spray 

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