Crystal Exercise Kit (for the exercises in "The Crystal Workshop" book)

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The Crystal Workshop: A Journey into the Healing Power of Crystals is Azalea Lee’s debut book teaching the core fundamentals of working with healing crystals. Instead of focusing on crystal prescriptions, Azalea’s book helps the reader understand how crystal energy works, how to work with the crystals, and how to develop your crystalline intuition so that you can pick up any stone and determine its metaphysical properties. It’s a book that teaches you how to directly connect with crystalline energy.

In the book Azalea teaches you how to intuit the metaphysical properties of the crystal, through psychometry-- which is how to pick up information about the crystal through intuitive touch.

To practice this exercise you may elect to have a friend purchase and prepare three crystals for you, or you can purchase this premade kit ready to go for your crystal intuition exercise for Exercise 5 of the book.


  • Three crystals sealed and marked in different containers.
  • A sealed key with information on what crystals are in which containers.



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