Faden Quartz

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In addition to its tabular (flatish) formation, one of the distinguishing characteristics of FADEN QUARTZ is the seam that runs through the middle of the crystals. This is caused by the crystal growing in host rock that slowly widens separating the quartz along its seam. The crystal begins to pull apart, but then heals, reknitting itself back together.

This ability for the crystal to heal itself in this way is especially energetically helpful for those who have suffered from abuse, particularly psychological abuse experienced in childhood. FADEN QUARTZ helps to bind and heal holes in the aura as a result of trauma from life’s experiences like these, strengthening a person’s boundaries.

Expanded to a more global scale, FADEN QUARTZ can help healers identify where energies are leaking out in the client or situation, as patching these holes and securing boundaries are an important part of helping energies be integrated in a body or system.

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