Luminous Depth flower essence gift set

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The Luminous Depth Gift Set contains three key formulas that assist the soul during times of personal depression or discouragement or the despondency felt during winter’s dark and cold season.

Illumine Flourish Formula works with the twin polarities of levity and gravity or light and dark, so that the body soul matrix can establish its own internal strength and equilibrium between these shifting alchemical forces.  The ability to master this internal dynamic is the underlying key for resolving many forms of depression and seasonal affective disorder.  

Be Bright Roll-On – This amazing synergistic blend of flower essences and essential oils is like an immediate ray of sunshine.  The citrus oils work to dispel feelings of heaviness and lethargy while the various flower essences help the consciousness to encounter and resolve discordant elements that adversely affect positivity.  Designed for application to the pulse points or related energy centers, one can immediately begin to feel rejuvenating and uplifting qualities.  

St. John’s Shield Bath and Body Oil – The St. John’s Wort flower has been cherished in herbal tradition for centuries, due to its remarkable ability to catalyze light and anchor it in the deep interior of the body-soul matrix.  The St. John’s Shield is a hand crafted product from the Terra Flora Gardens containing the specially solarized oil of St. John’s Wort along with related flower essences and essential oils.  A small amount of this highly concentrated product can be mixed into a warm bath or  massaged into key areas of the body.  Use of this product helps one to absorb  light-bearing qualities, so that one can feel solar strength and warmth in times of depletion or darkness. Each one of these marvelous products gains even greater synergy and potency when used in tandem. 

*Set comes in a gift box with informational pamphlet detailing the different formulas and the different suggested ways they may be used to gain healing benefit from them.

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