Obsidian Daggers

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These OBSIDIAN DAGGERS are a variation of mahogany obsidian energy. But what makes their energy more specialized and unique is that their wand-like shapes are naturally formed.

There are different theories as to how these obsidians were shaped: One is that the lava cooled and froze so quickly that thermal pressure caused internal cracks to fracture the obsidian into these shards. Another, more accepted theory is that a vein of obsidian was bisected by a fault line, which with the movement of the Earth, flaked the rock into these dagger-like shapes. Science still does not know for sure how these daggers were made, but all of it is the result of Mother Earth’s energies shaping them into form.

The larger obsidian daggers are an ultra-specific tool to be used by healers and energy workers to help cut out negative thoughts, entities, or other unbeneficial energetic attachments. Obsidian is already a powerful stone, but because these specimens are naturally formed into daggers the obsidian energy becomes intensified and focused in such a way that it becomes a precision tool to help others fracture and cut out negative attachments and energies that may be in a client’s auric field. Because of the potency of their energy, obsidian daggers are to be used with great reverence and caution by those who accept the responsibility of working with this very powerful tool.

The medium and small obsidian daggers are less intense energetically, and thus would be suitable for those who want to try working with their energies on a smaller scale. They also would be recommended for those who want to cut out energies from themselves. 

Unlike freshly fractured obsidian, these obsidian daggers have had their long edges gently worn down over thousands of years. The edges are no longer razor sharp and can be held in your hand without risk of cutting yourself. However, they still may have sharper points at their tips from where they have been more recently fractured.


SAMPLE SIZE: 4'' x 3'' x .3'', 6.6 grams

SAMPLE SIZE: 2.8" x 1" x .7", 4.3 grams

Small and medium obsidian daggers will be chosen at random. And due to them be a creation of Mother Earth will vary in actual shape and size.

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