Open Heart flower essence & infused oil gift set

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Together these two formulas give comfort and support during relationship conflicts and other heart challenges.

The Benediction Oil is a marvelous symphony of pure Rose, Angelica and Jasmine essential oils, along with the flower essences of Holly, Motherwort, Hawthorne Self-Heal and Angel’s Trumpet in a ruby-red base of Biodynamic St. John's Wort flowers infused in organic olive oil. Benediction Oil is praised for its extraordinary ability to open the heart to greater levels of inner peace, and soul-spiritual receptivity.

The Sacred Heart spray features the flower essences of Bleeding Heart, California Wild Rose, Centaury, Holly, Pink Monkeyflower, Pink Yarrow and Quince along with the pure essential oils of Yarrow and Rose. This heart elixir helps build the inner foundations of the heart in its ability to give and receive, recognizing the sacred gift of relationship with others.

“The Open Heart gift set works instantly to heal familial emotions. I noticed that with my family; I never leave without it when we are traveling together.” - Victoria Dubin Master, Haworth, NJ

*Set comes in a gift box with informational pamphlet detailing the different formulas and the different suggested ways they may be used to gain healing benefit from them.

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