Pink Garnet

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The garnet family resonates with material success and its pink color resonates with matters of the heart. Thus, the combination of these two aspects in this crystal creates an energy of support for “material success” in relationships.

I’m most inclined to recommend these crystals to someone who is looking to manifest a romantic relationship-- that is, if they have already done significant work on themselves in healing relationship issues (because the last thing you want to manifest is a bad relationship. See Hematite Included Quartz with Dolomite and Chalcopyrite.) But if someone is actively engaged with their own healing and feels ready to enter the loving dynamic of learning that happens within an intimate relationship, this crystal would be very supportive for them.

Though my first thought is to recommend this crystal for romantic partnerships, I would also use this stone in any circumstance where one is looking to manifest love with another person in their life, whether it is with a new friend, or perhaps even bringing a child into one’s life.

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