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The Presence Gift Set includes a synergistic selection of three key products that instill calm and equanimity in times of stress and disruption.  

Fear-Less Flourish Flower Essence Formula - One of the underlying, often unrecognized components of stress is anxiety.  How do we face the unknown, or the potential catastrophes that may befall us – whether they be natural disasters, or acts of violence, environmental disruption or looming health threats? This feeling of unease and apprehension drains us of the buoyancy and optimism that is needed for a healthy response to life’s many challenges. The Fear-Less formula works at a deep level to provide calming and centering forces that allow appropriate responsiveness and resilience while at the same time alleviating unnecessary apprehension and anxiety.  

Stress Rest Roll-On – This beneficial blend of flower essences and essential oils is designed to work topically on any easily accessible pulse points or related energy centers. The related modalities of aromatherapy and flower essence therapy work immediately to provide relief in times of stress.

Five-Flower Flower Essence Formula -  This internationally renowned rescue formula created by Dr. Edward Bach remains one of the most foundational formulas for  immediate emergency relief. The Five-Flower Formula brings one “back to center” so that states of panic, pain or paranoia can be dispelled. When the clarity and light of the Higher Self is re-instilled, one can regain control of any distressing situation and move toward positive steps of resolution and renewal.

These three products are even more consequential and impactful when used in tandem or in alternation with each other. Truly, they allow one to regain inner peace and composure.

*Set comes in a gift box with informational pamphlet detailing the different formulas and the different suggested ways they may be used to gain healing benefit from them.


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