Pyrite (Peru)

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Pyrite is a navel manifestation stone, but also holds intense grounding energy because of its iron content. Pyrite holds a strong masculine energy which manifests in the energy of outward movement and outward accomplishment. The interplay between manifestation and grounding energies along with the yang energetic thrust results in a mineral that has energies that support the manifestation of ideas into the physical plane.

These clusters of PYRITE from Peru are ideal for those projects where there are many different coming forth into manifestation to support the greater project-- the kinds of project where some ideas eventually become more significant than others, but only when many ideas are explored and considered. It is also very helpful for those who are unsure of what exactly they want to manifest because this version of pyrite also supports the exploration of manifestation in a playful and fun way. It allows ideas to start to form, with the strongest ones coming into larger fruition.


While pyrite from Peru is common in the marketplace, quality crystals like these that have not been tarnished from handling are not. Additionally, these crystals have come from an unusual pocket, as they display a crystal habit that is more cubic than the more commonly found octahedral or dodecahedral clustered pyrites from Peru.

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