Rhodochrosite (various)

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The trajectory of our spiritual journey for every person on this planet involves coming into the world and experiencing great challenges, hurt, and suffering, with many of these pains deeply cutting into us as children at a time where we are softer, more raw and open. These experiences are a foundational setup to the rest of our lives for within these wounds are the openings in which the seeds of compassion may grow. The challenge then becomes to gather the willingness to return to these wounds and begin the process of healing them. It is through this continuing work of nurturing these seeds that they become beautiful flowers of deep love and compassion. 

One of the best stones to work with inner child healing work is rhodochrosite. It comes in many forms but all with the intent of healing and transforming the hurt into divine beauty. 

The following are the remainder of what I have from these rhodochrosites from other locations:

These rings have been carved from Peruvian rhodochrosite. The holes can be used to loop through cord so that they may be worn around the neck. This is an ideal placement as the rhodochrosite can be kept near the heart chakra to help support it.

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