Sheen Obsidian Palm Stone

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What creates the sheen in these obsidians are tiny flattened gas bubbles dotting the stone in layers. The sheen colors range in an ombre of silver and gold, with specimens often leaning toward either more silver or gold. Filled with the air element, these obsidians are helpful to reveal the thoughts that are most important for you to address and cut out.

Sheen obsidian has a fine effervescent energetic signature to it that helps to soften your energy and reveal what unsupportive thoughts you may have that are really bringing you down. With all the many electrical synapses shooting through your brain, the energy of thoughts can be very spikey. Working with sheen obsidian can soften the mind so that thoughts can retreat into the background to a sort of a white noise. With the majority of one’s thoughts softened into the background as delightful fizz, the energy of the thoughts that have not joined the effervescence becomes apparent. The remaining spikey thought patterns that need to be dealt with come to the foreground by the sheer contrasting textural difference and allow themselves to be identified so that you can cut them out of your life. You can then recognize and identify the negative thoughts or unhelpful belief systems that are not supporting you. Thus the energy of this obsidian lends itself well to be used with meditation, journaling, or dream work.

These Sheen Obsidians are weighty pieces that would work well being held or kept in one’s lap while meditating, held and fiddled with while journaling, or placed on a bedside stand for sleeping with (you can put it under your bed too!)

In actuality these obsidians are wonderfully glossy and shimmer as with glitter! For the photo and video they had to be matted down with spray in order for the patterning to show. Otherwise the surface is so shiny that without the matting spray all you would see in the photo is glare!
They are far more beautiful in real life!

3.3 x 1.4 x 3.4 inches
225 grams

*Due to being natural artworkds of Mother Earth, your palm stone will have their own unique patterning and may look different than the photo shown.


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