Sheet Lepidolite

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When it comes to crystals and anxiety, there’s not a straightforward answer on what crystal would be most helpful for someone to use. This is because it matters a lot where the anxious energy is generating from (e.g. an overactive mind, tangled emotions, fears tied to a particular chakra, etc.)

But... to start settling one’s energies and introducing some calmness into one’s energy field, lepidolite is a great way to begin the process.

This SHEET LEPIDOLITE can be placed on the forehead, in between the eyes while lying down, taking a time out, or lying down and meditating, or even while taking a nap. It can help smooth down the energies so that the source of anxiety can be better pinpointed and addressed.


Approximate weight of each crystal

SMALL: 10 grams
MEDIUM: 14 grams
LARGE: 20 grams


Available are larger lepidolite pieces for sale (pictured and numbered) and also smaller pieces sold by general size/weight. And because they are unique gifts created by Mother Earth, each crystal will vary in shape and weight.

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