Spider Web Obsidian Sphere

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Obsidian is volcanic glass made by Mother Earth. It extrudes out of her as a hot molten liquid, and as it cools it becomes the mineraloid we know as obsidian.

Obsidian can exhibit different nuances in color, from being completely black, to having tinges of golden sheen, to having a web-like patterns running through it, to having an iridescent rainbow of colors move on it surface, and more. But each obsidian will have the same main characteristic of having an energy that can “cut” away unhelpful energies.

When cleaved so it has a knife’s edge, obsidian is one of the sharpest materials known. This edge is 30 angstroms wide, less than half the width of a red blood cell. It is so sharp that under a microscope you would be able to visibly see how an obsidian scalpel can cut cells cleanly in half, whereas the cells cut by a steel surgical scalpel will look shredded.

Energetically, obsidian does the same thing. It “cuts” out energy so you can separate from it. This is especially important right now as we are going through quarantine. Our way of life is going to be changed forever. How the modern world works is going to be changed forever. We have retreated into our homes, and back into ourselves. And now that we’ve dramatically scaled back our outward go-go-go lives, we now have a moment to assess what it is we really want in our lives.

Do we really want to be tired all the time? Do we really want to have no time for ourselves? Do we really want the crazy life we had before? If you don’t want those things, it’s time to begin cutting the energy that hangs on these ideas that you can only survive or be successful if you are running on the world’s hamster wheel.

So this is the ideal time to Marie Kondo whatever you don’t need energetically in your life. And obsidian is here to help you do that.

Spider Web Obsidian Sphere
This obsidian has blue-grey tendrils running through it,
reminicent of a spider web.

Approximately 163 grams, 2 1/8" in diameter
You will recieve one sphere.
(The photos are examples of what your sphere may look like. Yours will be chosen at random.)

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