Tiger's Iron Slabs

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Tiger’s Eye is a classic navel chakra manifestation stone. Manifestation with Tiger’s Eye involves a process of growth, evolution, and discovery as one manifests into reality layer by layer.

But when hematite grows with Tiger’s Eye, it becomes Tiger’s Iron. This addition of hematite brings a grounding energy to the energies of Tiger’s Eye, which helps Tiger’s Iron be the ideal manifestation stone for things that are to be brought into the physical dimensions, like a building or a sculpture. Basically anyone working to manifest something with a strong physical component would benefit from the energetic support of Tiger’s Iron.

In addition, these Tiger’s Iron’s slabs in particular have an incredible chatoyancy. In most light, they are red with strong bands of glossy hematite-- but in direct sunlight, the red becomes yellow, like traditional Tiger’s Eye.

This means that not only does it have the typical manifestation and grounding energies of Tiger’s Iron, its distinct red color means it also has resonance with the creative chakra, the chakra that resonates with a more visceral, physical, and sensual creativity that can express itself through your corporeal body. Thus, this stone enhances the creative experience through the physical body, and then facilitates manifestation through it!

These Tiger’s Iron slabs are exceptional. The banding is distinct, and they have been polished to an incredible mirror shine (see video in the photo gallery for more detail). The photos of these slabs also do not do these stones justice! They are very mesmerizing to look at in person.

As slabs, these stones are ideal to be used as coasters to charge your water. Simply place a clear glass of water on top of the slab, and your water will infuse with Tiger’s Iron energy that you can drink.

Tiger’s Iron is a great motivator for manifesting what you want into reality, even when you are not sure what “it” is.

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