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ULEXITE is another stone used in crystal healings to assist people in seeing visions.

While apophyllite helps you see details in your visions, ULEXITE helps to see a larger "scene." The visions come with a what can be best described in a "watercolor" way, with softness and gentleness.

Observing how ULEXITE can transmit energies through the length of their body gices you an idea of how its energy works. The crystals act as fiber optic cables so that when the opposing faces are polished flat, they are able to transmit images through them. Thus, if you are seeking a crystal to enhance your inner visions, or if you are a healer seeking to help others connect to theirs, then this would be a truly valuable stone to work with.

The big specimens I am offering are unusually large. Even when they were more plentiful, it was unusual to find them in sizes like these. This lot was procured many years ago, and since then have seen very little ulexite, even in smaller pieces. I believe the reason why is because mining is no longer allowed in the area where these crystals are found. So if you are resonating strongly with these larger crystals, please be aware of this that what I am offering is all that I have left for sale of the larger specimens.

If you are curious about working with this crystal, pocket sized pieces of ULEXITE available.

LARGE SPECIMENS & PALM STONES: Sizes and weights as listed
POCKET STONE LARGE: Approximately 1.85" wide, 17-25 grams - $36 each
POCKET STONE SMALL: Approximately 1" wide, 6-9 grams - $18

US Borax open pit mine, Kramer District
Boron, Kern County, California, USA

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