Velvet Obsidian Palm Stone

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 Velvet Obsidian has an affinity for helping heal mental trauma. If in the past words have been used to hurt and abuse you, Velvet Obsidian can help heal these wounds so that they no longer affect you.

Determining trauma from words can be challenging. Especially when as a child, the experience of receiving verbal abuse can be so emotionally intense that one may try to disassociate in order to cope with the overwhelming feelings they are having. This could involve remembering the event but not remembering what was said. Yet, the energy of the words said still resonates within one’s energy field, continuing to be carried through one’s life until it becomes addressed.

It can also be that one does remember exactly what hurtful things were said to them, where the words then echo within the mind, engraving themselves deeper and deeper into their energy field until it becomes a regular thought pattern embedded in the mind.

In both cases, Velvet Obsidian can offer some help with healing these unbeneficial energetic patterns. Velvet Obsidian can gently surround your energy and give you a safe space so that it can begin softly revealing the energetic mental patterns that linger in your field and need healing.

Velvet Obsidian is also an ideal stone to work with for meditation, journaling, and dream work.

These freeform polished stones have gentle monochrome bands that move through the crystal. They are the perfect substantial size for holding in your hand. 


In actuality, these obsidians are wonderfully glossy! For the photo and video they had to be matted down with spray in order for the patterning to show. Otherwise the surface is so shiny that without the matting spray all you would see in the photo is glare! 
They are far more beautiful in real life!

2.6 x 1.9 x 1.5 inches
137 - 150 grams

*Due to being creations of Mother Earth, each stone will have their own unique patterning and may look different than the photo shown.


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