Know someone who is into crystals and healing, but not sure what to get them? Read this list and find out what itwould be supportive in their healing journey and deepening their crystal wisdom.


In my book, I go over what I consider the three most essential crystals to have in your crystal kit. I think I’m about to work on a second book, in which I will talk about--amongst other things-- the fourth most essential crystal for your personal toolkit, selenite.

Selenite is the most core crown chakra stone to work with because it helps one connect to the continual and omnipresent energy of Divinity. And while there are many different forms of selenite to work with, the ones I recommend as a potential gift for your crystal loving loved one, are SELENITE SLABS.

Selenite channels so much Divine energy that it is a crystal that it doesn’t need to be cleansed. It is also such an intense channeler of Divine energy that it can also cleanse crystals that are near it. The benefit of this kind of selenite is that it comes in a flat, slab form that is large enough for crystals to be put on top of it. This makes it a natural platform on which to cleanse your other crystals. AND it can also be used as a platform to put crystal grids on!

Selenite slabs are an especially useful way to work with selenite energy!

If you hear me talk about hematite often, it’s for good reason. There is no crystal more underrated than this one. While not the most glamourous or most intriguing looking crystal, hematite’s allure is not about looks.

This humble crystal is incredibly powerful. By intensifying one's connection to Mother Earth’s energies, it will subsequently enhance their connection to the physical dimension, helping them connect more deeply with these physical objects known as crystals. Basically, the reception of and connection with any other crystal will be dramatically enhanced if you work with hematite.

Because this is not the most alluring stone, I find that many crystal lovers do not have hematite in their kit (or they have a small specimen they work with infrequently.) The axiom does not apply to all crystals, but hematite is one of those cases where bigger is definitely better. If you really want to help a crystal lover with the crystal healing experience, then I suggest getting the largest hematite you budget allows for. But even if your budget is small, a smaller hematite is better than having nothing at all!

Know someone who is into crystals and healing, but not sure what to get them? Read this list and find out what itemwould be supportive in their healing journey and deepening their crystal wisdom.

Ulexite is one of my favorite stones to work with in crystal healing sessions because it helps clients connect with and “see’’ their inner visions with the inner knowing that comes with claircognizance. Because these visions come in a more movielike way, it is useful when one wants to get deeper insight into a situation from a more narrative perspective.

AZURITE is an intensely indigo colored stone that connects one deeply into the third eye. It is recommended to give to someone who wants to connect to the more mystical part of their spirituality in a more advanced and intense way.

With azurite, the third eye connection is less visual, but is deeply visceral, and results in an experience that may be at first hard to describe. Nevertheless working with this crystal is a way to become more comfortable with being in the deeply spiritual place beyond the physical plane where descriptions and words do not do justice to the information that is received.

This is a wonderful crystal to do meditation work with. It can help connect you to energies from other lives and dimensions.

This flower essence set has twelve archetypal essences to heal the soul via dream work. This kit comes with a booklet describing the properties of each flower, dream cards for each essence, techniques for working with the different flowers, and how to use them to incubate your dreams.

This kit is also especially primed to be used in the winter, when the nights are longer. Included are also instructions for working with these flower essences during the Twelve Holy Nights between December 25 - January 6-- an ideal time to work with all twelve flowers in sequence.


Hand built by fine ceramic artist Ako Castuera, these porcelain sculptures have been especially designed to serve as crystal altars, to elevate your crystals with intention and sanctity.

Ako’s work is infused with an intimate connection to the mythologies of her Okinawan and Mexican heritage.

These magical creatures have been especially manifested through Ako into being to hold and uplift a small crystal in a sacred way.


A gateway crystal to the third eye, amethyst’s energy helps one become more aware of alternate dimensions. This is why it is such an alluring crystal, one of the first people take deeper notice of, because of it’s connection to the higher realms.

A very unusual and special form of this crystal is HOURGLASS AMETHYST. It is naturally double terminated with the amethyst concentrated at each end. This bi-directionality resonates with facilitating energies between spiritual and alternate dimensions and bringing them more clearly into your physical body and life in this physical dimension.

This crystal is ideally suited for someone who is seeking more connection with the great and endless creative energy of the spiritual dimensions.

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