Crystals for Better Sleep

One of the most healing things we can do for ourselves is sleep. Not only does it rejuvenate our physical body, it allows the thinking mind to take a break and rest. This then allows our consciousness more freedom to be more conscious of the other dimensions it exists in. Both on a physical and spiritual level, sleep is integral to our health, and we can support the healing we get from it through the energetic help of crystals.

The above photo is of the crystals I keep in my bedroom-- the crystals I sleep with the most. (Notice how they are all black grounding stones!) Though each one is amazing and helpful, I don’t sleep with them all at the same time. Instead, I most often choose a single crystal to work with depending on the texture of support I most need. That way the healing energy is undiluted or mixed up with other energies, and I am better able to see how the crystal affects my sleep. This provides a more personal experience with my stone, and also helps me better understand what is happening within my energies.

I have found the following crystals to be the most helpful for sleeping both for myself and others.


The stone for deeper rest. The best stone for bringing me deeper into my body since it is the ultimate grounding crystal. If I find myself quite awake at bedtime, I find that hematite is the ideal stone for grounding and dissipating these active waking energies that are incongruent to sleep.



If I’m experiencing turbulent dreams, I’ll sleep with black tourmaline. I’ll also sleep with it if I’m currently in a situation that I would like to resolve in a smoother way. Since black tourmaline is a wonderful stone for shifting disparate energies into a balanced state, it can also help you balance the energies of any interactions you might be involved in by leveling out and unbalanced energies you are contributing to the situation. Thus this makes black tourmaline a great crystal to work with whenever you are trying to figure out a solution to a problem. Because it’s strength is in balancing polarities, it can help you discover the solution that is most balanced and holistic-- and all while you sleep.



If I find myself still continuing to feel the energetic effects of a tough day, I’ll sleep with shungite. Shungite absorptive qualities “vacuum up” unnecessary excess energies. Thus, if you have had a particularly energetic day, it will help filter out the leftover emotional “buzz” so that your mind and body can better relax into a good night’s rest



I’m very fond of anthracite’s “anti-static” quality, for it works well to “defuzz” the mind. So for someone like me whose brain tends to be particularly active, I find that anthracite helps me slow, soften, and wind my mind down to a quieter state-- which then helps me to fall asleep, and then stay asleep.

Read the complete blog post to find out how exactly to work with your crystals for sleeping.

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