Grounding Green flower essence

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Green flowers to strengthen body-Earth alignment


  • Builds strength, resilience and vitality in the body, through alignment with Earth’s life forces
  • Provides grounding and stabilizing forces that protect from psychic ­dysfunction and immune distress in high intensity urban and technological environments
  • Facilitates harmonious and vitalizing connection with Earth substances and forces when used for healing, gardening, artistic or professional  pursuits
  • Guides consciousness from “ego” to “eco” – so that ecological values move beyond abstract rules or political formulas, toward a vibrant awareness of the Earth as a living being
  • Motivates when feelings of discouragement, despair, or apathy threaten one’s ­positive outlook and active commitment to work for the healing and transformation of the Earth
  • Increases appreciation of the Earth during travel, recreation or work by sensitizing awareness and perception for micro and macro manifestations of life
  • Cultivates connection for children who do not feel bonded with Nature due to excessive urbanization and technological influences
  • Fosters animal communication and connection – especially animals that may be suffering from urban stress – can be used by  both caretaker and animal


  • Green Rein Orchid – Facilitating consciousness for the life force pulsating throughout the living being of Earth
  • Green Bells of Ireland – Catalyzing awareness for the elemental matrix (earth, air, fire, water) and its manifestation in the human body and soul; ability to receive and radiate elemental qualities through one’s physical presence
  • Lady’s Mantle – Alignment with the living dew mantle (hydrosphere) of the Earth; ability to bring magnetic living “green“ forces through one’s heart and hands; alchemical healing which ignites body and soul with life force and higher consciousness
  • Green Rose – The expansion of heart consciousness to include all living beings; transcending fear, mistrust and defensive barriers, toward greater insight and compassion
  • Green Cross Gentian – Ability to perceive the spiritual identity of the earth through alignment with its elemental body (four elements/seasons/directions); commitment to carry the cross of the living Earth despite hardships or setbacks
  • Green Nicotiana – Helping the heart-lung forces to breathe in relationship with the Earth; transcending hardening forces within modern technology and warfare that create barriers to the breathing heart of the Earth
  • Essential Oils: The “evergreen” essential oils of Silver Fir, Sitka Spruce, and Cedarwood impart warming, grounding and nourishing forces from the heart of the Earth.
  • Organic grape alcohol 


“I am taking your marvelous Grounding Green™. The changes are incredible and really unexpected. Every year I get pulled into the holiday rush and feel empty, depressed, and ill by January. I got sucked into the shopping malls on Black Friday like I always do, trying to find bargains for my children. Suddenly it dawned upon me – all of these rows of plastic toys from factories in China, all of these high tech gadgets screeching and screaming for attention...what does this have to do with Peace on Earth? I pulled out the Grounding Green™ from my pocket with its whiff of evergreen. I was amazed at the old self that is always desperate for a bargain, and the new self that walked away, wanting only to do what would make Peace on Earth for me and my family.” J.S. - Auburn, CA

Directions: Pump three sprays in the mouth or mist around the head. 

1 ounce spray 

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