Peace-Full flower essence

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Promotes deep peace for those living with life-limiting illness, whether at home, in a hospice house, or in a hospital.


  • Supports conscious dying
  • To assist with spiritual surrender when facing the life passage of death
  • When experiencing extreme physical hardship associated with illness, disease
  • To experience connection with loved ones in the spiritual realm and angelic realm
  • Relief from states of fear, loneliness, and anxiety experienced by the departing soul
  • For protection during the threshold experience of death
  • Aids the soul in leaving the physical body peacefully and gracefully when dying


  • Alpine Aster – Supports body-free consciousness; freeing the spiritual body from the physical body – addresses fear of death.
  • Angel’s Trumpet – Supports spiritual surrender; opens the heart to the spiritual world; deep peace – addresses fear of death.
  • Angelica – Offers protection and benevolence from the Angelic realms – addresses loneliness.
  • Chrysanthemum – Supports acceptance of one’s own mortality; shifting awareness from lower Self to higher Self – addresses fear of death & mortality.
  • Forget-Me-Not – Supports connection with loved ones in the spiritual realm; spiritualizing the love currents of the heart – addresses spiritual isolation.
  • Love-Lies-Bleeding – Supports soul and spiritual insight and transcendence – addresses personalization of emotional & physical pain and suffering.
  • Mariposa Lily – Supports connection with the Divine Mother; feeling surrounded by a mantle of warmth and love – addresses feelings of abandonment.
  • Penstemon – Offers courage to accept and endure suffering – addresses extreme physical hardship.
  • Walnut – Supports the life passage of death; letting go; transitions – addresses inability to let go and transition.
  • Organic grape alcohol 

Directions: Pump three sprays in the mouth or mist around the head. 


"A friend's elderly husband was struggling with terminal cancer. He would ask his wife to spray Peace-Full on him because it helped him go to sleep. He called it his "sleep medicine." - Azalea Lee - Los Angeles, CA

1 ounce spray 

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