Flower essences are amazing healing tools. Compared to crystals, whose energies are ideal in healing in a longer, more sustained way, flower essences work relatively quickly, giving a “boost” of healing energies to the soul.

At Place 8 Healing we proudly carry flower essence formulas from FES (Flower Essence Services) in both single bottle formulas and gift sets.


To help relieve feelings of anxiety. Top seller.

I describe this one as feeling like it turns down the wide-awake thinking knob in your brain so you can fall asleep. 

The get s*!% done spray. Helps give one a boost of productivity when feeling sluggish.

Grief Relief
Lost someone or have you had a break-up? This formula can help do wonders lifting the heart just enough from the deep pain that accompanies times like these. Helps one move through grief. 

To assist those who are experiencing despondency and depression by bringing more spiritual “light” into their energetic fields. Also helpful for those who are affected by the darkness of the winter months.

Kinder Garden
A flower formula to help children with resiliency and inner strength as they navigate the experiences of childhood. Also great for adults who are processing childhood hurts that are affecting them now.

Compassionate Care Giver
Helps one be present and process their own feelings and needs while also caring for someone who is chronically ill or about to transition.

To energetically support conscious dying. To help relieve fear and anxiety in the process of transition out of the physical. Energetically supports the soul leaving their body peacefully.

Five-Flower Formula
The ultimate flower essence to help soothe and bring calm to intense feelings. Great for children to help them recover from melt-downs, and for melt-downs and other aggravated moments for adults too.

Grounding Green
Helps one get connected to the healing energy of Mother Earth. Especially useful for those who live in cityscapes and are distant from the support of nature. 

Leading Light
A formula to help instill positive heart-centered leadership and courage. Great for those who work in challenging environments to help maintain vision and support continued inspiration.

Magenta Self-Healer
To support those who are recovering from physical injury. To support the energies that facilitate strong and vibrant health.

To help one when needing to support intellectual concentration and clarity (e.g. writing, research, exams). 

Post-Trauma Stabilizer
To help recover from shock and trauma. Helpful for supporting the processing of current and past traumas. Especially helpful for those working on the front lines.

Sacred Heart
To help strengthen and regenerate the heart when experiencing challenges in relationships-- or even within one’s self. 

Yarrow Environmental Formula
To help energetically protect against environmental influences, including geopathic stress, electronics, and airplane flights. To help shield those who have pronounced sensitivity to crowds.


Two flower essence formulas to support animals. Includes the soothing Five-Flower Formula to help bring calm and stability in times of stress, and Animal Relief Formula to comfort animals that are in transition or trauma. A wonderful gift for your animal loved ones, or a friend who loves theirs.


Formulas to give comfort and support during relationship conflicts or other matters of the heart. Contains Benediction Oil, an infused oil and flower essence formula that opens the heart to greater levels of inner peace and soul-spiritual receptivity, and Sacred Heart flower essence formula, which builds inner foundations in the heart to recognize the sacred gift of relationships with others. A great gift for someone who is having challenging times in relationships.


Three key formulas to assist the soul during times of discouragement and depression. Be Bright Roll On is meant to immediately dispel feelings of heaviness and lethargy while resolving discordant elements affecting positivity. Illumine Flourish Formula works with balancing the twin polarities of light/dark, levity/gravity, so that the body soul matrix can establish its own internal strength and equilibrium. St John’s Shield Bath and Body Oil contains the key ingredient of St. John’s Shield flower, both in flower essence and as a solarized oil to help catalyze and absorb light and warmth during times of depletion and darkness. Thus, a great set to give to a loved one who is experiencing discouragement or depression, and also for those who experience seasonal affective disorder during the cold and dark of winter.


A synergistic set of three products to instill calm and equanimity in times of stress and disruption. Includes Fear-Less Flourish Formula to help with anxiety by bringing calming and centering forces to alleviate unnecessary apprehension and anxiety. StressRest Roll On essential oil and flower essence formula to be placed on pulse points for immediate relief in times of stress. Five-Flower Formula to be used in distressing situations to help one regain control and bring one “back to center”. A great gift set to give to the anxious and stressed to help them regain inner peace and composure.


The Dream Deep Set features twelve archetypal essences to progress the soul through dream work. It includes a booklet that details the qualities of each flower as it pertains to dream consciousness, and gives specific techniques of visualization and application of the flower essences for the purpose of dream incubation. Additionally, the set comes with twelve affirmation cards specifically created for dream work. The booklet also outlines how the essences can be used during the Twelve Holy Nights of Epiphany (from December 25 - January 6) in order to activate one’s dreams to reveal insight and guidance for the coming year. A great gift for those who wish to further the wisdom that comes through in the dream state.

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