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Pyrite strongly resonates with manifestation as it helps birth ideas from the ephemeral to the material. It’s by far my favorite manifestation stone.

What makes pyrite so special is that it naturally comes in many different shapes, from clusters to cubic squares to intergrown with quartz. While all pyrites have manifestation energy in common, what’s different is how the manifestation energy is shaped. And for the extra challenging times we are now in because of COVID, zany world leaders, and social unrest, one kind of pyrite stands out in particular.

PYRITE SUNS are round and flat, a result of them growing in immensely constricted conditions. (Sound familiar?) In between tight layers of coal and shale, they grow radiating outwards in a disc of golden lustrousness. Their fierce beauty and magnificence is directly the result of the challenging circumstances they grow in. Thus, pyrite suns can teach us how we can gloriously manifest even in very difficult situations. 

So if it’s because of the energy of these times, or of having to tightly maneuver between difficult personalities around you, or because you are needing to navigate the tight corners in life, or any other circumstance where you need to manifest in constricted circumstances, pyrite suns will help you see how you can manifest gorgeousness even if you are stuck between a rock and hard place.

* The last remaining pyrite sun mine have been closed. No more will be mined. I have some more stock, but once it goes, it will be unlikely I’ll get more again. So if you are strongly resonating with this crystal, please keep this in mind.

*  Many of the pyrite suns I have seen for sale by other vendors have been trimmed! These pyrite suns tend to be evenly round because their edges have been shaved to look more “pretty.” And then they can be sold glued into a shale matrix looking as if they have been not taken out of their immediate surroundings. But it’s an artificial treatment to salvage dinged crystals and sell them.

* Pyrite suns are very fragile. Please handle with care. However, if you happen to break your pyrite sun, do not be sad. The pyrite sun energy is still in the crystal. But now you have two pieces to work with!

You will receive a single pyrite sun chosen at random.

5 x 4 x .32", .45 pounds

*Read more about manifestation crystals in this blog post.
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