• Manifesting Under Challenging Times

    Manifesting Under Challenging Times

    While a crystal’s description can help you to understand the focus of its energy, it’s helpful to know that true healing will always deal with what is below the surface. So, while you may find a crystal whose description matches the symptoms you are experiencing, where you actually need healing may go far deeper than that.

    For example: What if someone experiences wrist pain? They could take painkillers, but this would only address the symptom (and temporarily at that). It would be more effective to look at the underlying issue that’s causing the problem and see if it could be resolved first.

    Perhaps the wrist pain is caused by poor desk posture. Then working on one’s posture would be more effective because it would address the cause rather than the symptoms. It’s the same working with crystals. Instead of finding a crystal that matches the symptoms of what you seek help for, it’s better to figure out what is causing your “symptoms” to appear.

    What I especially love about working with crystal energy, is that they are at their best and most potent when worked with in a deep way. Crystals are crystals because the are made of repeating blocks of molecules stacked upon each other in an orderly pattern. Likewise, crystal energy will help make your energy more orderly and more coherent from the bottom up.

    If you’re experiencing issues in your life, you’ll first notice the surface symptoms. Much like a stack of boxes about to topple over, it’s the top boxes that will fall down first. But the cause of the problem will be from the crooked box underneath. In the same way, if you seek true healing, you’ll want to look beneath the surface symptoms down into the source of the issue.

    Let’s go back to the example of wrist pain: What actually will need healing will go even deeper than the posture.

    Perhaps the poor posture is the result from feeling emotionally down. If one asks themself, “What is making me feel emotionally down?” they may realize that it’s related to a feeling of chronic low self-esteem. Upon sitting with their low self-esteem, they may realize that it’s being exacerbated by working in a toxic work environment. On further time and introspection, it dawns on them that their boss has vindictive traits that remind them of a bully whom they had a traumatic experiences with as a teen. In the careful peeling back of all these layers can one discover the actual origin of their wrist pain-- an unresolved and unhealed experience they had a very long time ago.

    Of course this example is somewhat simplified. Because like a river naturally branching out into multiple streams, a traumatic experience can manifest in other ways too. Even if one only steps back to the energetic layer of “low self-esteem” then they are likely to find that this specific tone of painful energy has intersected with many other areas of one’s life. And there are branches from other experiences that will interconnect too. But the point is, to truly heal, you don’t merely treat the symptoms-- you must go to the root of the issue and heal the unbalanced energy at its source.

    When someone has trouble manifesting, I have often seen them get a classic manifestation crystal because its description will match the issues they are having. But the actual problem they are having may have little to do with the navel chakra (the chakra of manifestation.)

    This is why citrine has become so popular. Known as a “money manifestation” stone, this description can be misleading for it does not address what is most likely the actual root of the problem with money issues. But its description talks about manifesting more money, so people believe that this crystal will help them solve their financial issues. (*I have a lot of problems with this description of citrine because of this.) People believe that if they had more money, their problems would be solved. They don’t understand what drives their financial issues, and that having more money might make the situation far worse.

    For instance, if someone does not do what they say they will do, constantly flakes on projects and doesn’t follow through on agreements, no amount of money will resolve their lack of self-discipline. Instead, they will continue to generate energy that eventually becomes reflected back to them regardless of how much cash they have in the bank. Other people will flake on them and not follow through on their agreements. Perhaps they hire a contractor who doesn’t finish their job even though they have already been paid. Or perhaps the contractor has finished the job, but it has been handled so badly that it needs to be redone. No amount of money will fix the actual problem, because the energy the issue is generated from goes far deeper than that. In the meantime, the money acts as a bandaid to the real problem.

    Thus if there are things you want to manifest in your life, you want to do your best to look under the hood and discover where the real source of your issue comes from. If you’re not sure where to look, it is then fine to begin working with a crystal that matches your surface manifestation “symptoms” because you need somewhere to begin understanding where your problems come from. It may not resolve the issue, but it will be a point in which you can better observe what’s happening with your energy. As your surface energy clarifies, you will then be able to see where the deeper layers are hidden. Then you can follow it backwards, going deeper and deeper until you discover your root cause. It can be a long journey to discover what actually is causing the problem, but in this blog post I hope to help you expedite this process by sharing my crystal healing expertise and highlighting the crystals that have an important relationship to the energies of manifestation.

    These crystals go beneath the surface and help you work on the deeper layers that are preventing you from manifesting your dreams. As you read about these crystals, you may find that you are resonating with particular descriptions. This is a strong indication that it is the underlying issue of manifestation for you.

    Manifestation is essentially taking immaterial ideas and bringing them into the physical. In other words, it’s taking energy and making it dense enough that it appears in this dimension. But manifestation has been particularly challenging at this time. With coronavirus, freedom of movement has been curtailed in big and small ways. The physical restriction we are experiencing has actually been affecting us energetically too. It can feel hard to create when we feel energetically caged. Thus, manifestation has been particularly challenging at this time.

    But although the physical compression we are now experiencing is uncomfortable, it is also the perfect time for internal creativity-- for generating and clarifying the energy of what is that you truly want to manifest in your life. If you do this work of figuring out things out now and preparing the way, when the time comes and the constrictions on your physical lives releases, you will then have prepared a more solid foundation to manifest what is most truly fulfilling for your life. So in addition to healing at a deeper level, these crystals are also very supportive in making this time a very fruitful one.

    Between the pandemic, crazy world leaders, and social unrest, these are extremely challenging times. But you don’t have to let yourself be kicked down by it all. You have the power to shift this situation to your advantage. You do this by taking this time to let go of any energies that have been hindering you, so that you can capitalize on the opportunities as soon as they become presented. It’s time to realize that your life and all your experiences have given you the exact training you have needed to become your own metaphysical MacGyver, and that you have the ability to manifest your dreams with the tools you already have around you.

    So, without further ado, here are seven...

    DRAVITE is a member of the tourmaline family. And like black tourmaline it’s a recycler of energy. However, rather than working to balance root chakra with its grounding and boundary energies, dravite’s specialty is polarizing the energies to help you see what in your life has been working for you or not . You can then recycle the energy of all your experiences-- whether good or bad-- into energy that will move your life in the direction that is truest to the fulfillment of your soul.

    It’s a great stone to work with if you keep on ending up in problematic circumstances and would like to understand what in your energy is contributing to the problem.

    In general, pyrite is my favorite manifestation stone because its energy strongly resonates with bringing things into the physical. Though golden in color, pyrite’s chemical composition is based in iron, thus energetically sharing much in common with one of the most important stones you can have in your crystal toolkit-- the iron based, hematite.

    Pyrite naturally comes in many shapes-- from clusters to cubic, to intergrown with quartz and more. But the pyrite I recommend most for these challenging times is the pyrite sun.

    PYRITE SUNS are round and flat, a result of them growing in immensely constricted conditions. (Sounds familiar?) In between tight layers of coal and shale, they grow radiating outwards in a disc of golden lustrousness. These pyrites express their unique beauty and magnificence only as a result of the circumstances they were produced in. And thus we can use their energetic example to help us learn how to manifest beauty within the constricted situations we are now experiencing ourselves.

    COVID has drastically changed how we live our lives. It’s exposed the weaknesses in so many systems of the world. Businesses and old social constructs are shifting, adapting, or collapsing. Life is not going to return to the way it was-- it will be different. We can either switch gears, adapt, and take advantage of the evolving landscape, or suffer from our stubbornness and unwillingness to change.

    STAUROLITE is a crystal that asks you to look carefully at where you have been-- and where you are going. Are you getting the sense that you need to make a big change? Like a physical move to another city? Or maybe it’s something seemingly smaller, like if the way you have been living or working needs to shift in some sort of way. Perhaps you resist the idea of change because moving things around seems too complicated. In big or small ways staurolite is here to help you decide which way to go.

    Staurolite helps you clarify your options and point you to the direction that is for your highest good. It will help direct you toward the path that is truest your soul.

    The French have a term: jolie laide-- clunkily translated literally as “pretty-ugly”. What jolie laide is intended to describe is something that is unconventionally beautiful-- something that is paradoxically unattractive and attractive at the same time. This is phrase that best describes the MOROCCAN CHALCEDONY FIGURE. It’s a crystal that is somehow unbecoming and yet pleasing at the same time.

    Unlike staurolite, which helps you decisively decide which way to go in your life, the Moroccan Chalcedony Figure has more of a “merrily we roll along” energy. So if you are feeling that you want to have some change in direction with your life, and you would like not to feel anxious about taking a meandering, rolling, whatever shows-up approach, this would be the crystal to support you. Conversely, if you’re someone who likes everything to be pre-planned and is terrified of taking a meandering, rolling, whatever shows-up approach to finding your next step in life-- this would be a great crystal for you too (and particularly now because it’s virtually impossible to plan what’s going to be happening next.)

    Basically, the Moroccan Chalcedony Figure wants to show you how to relaaaaax. It wants you to know that it’s all going to get figured out, so there’s no reason to spend your days being a stress ball trying to force your life to happen. Instead, there’s lot of joy and fun to be found in the moment to be present with and experienced.

    If anything, this crystal encourages you to courageously follow where your passion and bliss takes you. ASTROPHYLLITE is a crystal whose energy leads by enthusiasm and a sense of adventure. If you have been a person who has created a steady and predictable life and have realized that it is too constricting and boring, this crystal will take you on a magic carpet ride toward discovering what will bring you true deep joy.

    Astrophyllite will teach you how to let go, surrender, and create your life as you go helping you see that the life led by passion and adventure is the life most fulfilling and fun.

    If you have felt a calling for something but don’t know what it is, or if know what your calling is and feel thwarted in manifesting it, I recommend working with WATERMELON MICA to help soothe your worries.

    Watermelon Mica is a clear window of clear mica (muscovite) surrounded by purple lepidolite (which is also a mica based crystal). On it’s own, lepidolite is my go to crystal healing stone to help clients mellow out feelings of anxiety and shift their energy a calmer mental state. With the fears of the mind quieted down, the person is then able to hear their higher self previously drowned out by the overwhelming noise of anxiety.

    Watermelon Mica reminds you of the connection you have with your higher self-- that the nagging sense that there is a purpose calling you is accurate. But it reminds you to not worry about the process of manifesting your purpose, but to refocus yourself on the journey of becoming in touch your higher self (which always knows that you will manifest the destiny that has always been intended for you.)

    You will discover what you’re seeking. It might not just be this very moment. It will come at the most perfect time, in the most perfect circumstance. So what you need most right now is to reaffirm your trust in the Universe. Watermelon Mica will help you with that.

    So if the Nike “Just Do It” slogan was a crystal, it would be EPIDOTE.

    This crystal is less about sorting out long term manifestation goals, but to get you to snap out of hemming and hawing about stepping into action. Instead of turning over and analyzing all the options, epidote jolts you out of thinking and moves you into action. Because for some of you, manifestation is difficult because you just don’t know how to get off your ass.

    It's like knowing you need exercise, but spending all your time trying to figure out what kind of exercise class to take. The energy of epidote shoves you into the doorway of the nearest gym, into the exercise class, and compels you to get moving. After you’ve taken the class you can then complain all about it. You may not have enjoyed the class, but you got exercise-- and you at least know which class you’re not going to take again. This puts you a step closer to knowing what class you are going to take next (if only because you know what class you’re not going to take again!)

    Thus, epidote is ideal for overthinkers and others who need to practice acting first and thinking later.


    I swear by this flower essence.

    On the days that getting things done is a real slog, I will take a couple sprays of this flower essence and my day will begin humming along.

    It’s similar to the energy of epidote that it snaps you into action first. But the shift is so subtle that it’s only when I see what I’ve checked off on my to do list, that I see how productive I have been and how powerful Activ-8 has been for me.

    Especially with tasks I find less interesting, the most difficult part is finding the energy to begin. But Activ-8 somehow jump starts this process for me, eliminating the need to build momentum to start-- and then follow through-- on tasks. The resistance I would normally feel about getting started on something, simply doesn’t present itself.

    It’s a formula I find so helpful that I always have a bottle of it in my desk!


    Save for the pyrite sun, the crystals featured in this post are not "manifestation" stones. They are what I would consider pre-manifestation stones-- stones you need to work with to prepare the path for manifestation. The general theme that connects all the crystals is that they support you in figuring out what it is that you actually truly want to manifest.

    In a later blog post I’ll speak more directly about manifesting into the physical, but for now, with the energy of this current time pulling us back and keeping us grounded closer to home. The Universe is asking us to take the time we now have to focus on brainstorming ideas and clarifying what we truly want to manifest to create a deeper and more enriching life. It’s like preplanning a vacation. You need to figure out where you want to go, what you want to do, what you need to pack, what you need to do to prepare being there. Would it be a more fun trip if you learned a bit of the language? Would the experience be more enriching if you read some books on the history of the place you are traveling to? Because even if you didn’t have any solid plans to go to this particular place, you would still be energetically prepared. And if then the Universe suddenly presents you with some unexpected extra time and bargain airfare, you would be completely ready to jump on the opportunity and be totally prepared to maximize you trip and have a great time.

    So much about manifestation is dependent on preparing the path for manifestation to happen, and then being clear about where you want this manifestation to take you. The stones I have recommended are mainly crystals to have fun with as your brainstorm ideas and try out possibilities you possibly hadn’t considered before. They are mostly about clarifying your understanding on the immaterial realm before you begin using them as a foundation to build upon in the material realm.

    Where and how you’ll want to work with these stones depends on what emotions you’re working with. If you’re experiencing worry or concern, sleeping with your crystal can be a very supportive way to work with it. Depending on its sturdiness this may mean sleeping with it in your bed or pillowcase, or placing it by your bedstand. If you’re experiencing confusion about what you want to manifest, meditating with your stone would be extremely helpful. And if you are working with a stone because you want its encouragement, then you can keep it somewhere where you will most see it at the place where you find you need the encouragement the most. If you need encouragement to get you going in the morning, put it near where you brush your teeth, or next to your coffee mug.

    In all instances: Acknowledge your crystal. When you see the crystal, say “hello” to it and thank it for its support. Reiterate what you have sought its help for. And ask it to help you with it. You don’t have to say it out loud, but you do have to stop, be present with your crystal, and connect with it. Like I say in my book, crystals are not metaphysical appliances. They don’t run independently on their own juice. They are working on your energy, so you need to connect to them with your energies in order for them to help you. So if you seek their healing, place them somewhere where you will actively work with them, and continuously and consistently acknowledge your connection with them. You will always find your results to be more significant.


    In this blog post, I’ve gone over some points that are explained in further detail in my book, The Crystal Workshop: A Journey into the Healing Power of Crystals. So if you are serious learning more about manifestation, you’ll find the additional information in the book quite useful. The book covers additional explanations on: 

    • How to determine if crystal descriptions are bogus. (Essays between Chapter 1 & 2, Chapter 9 & 10)
    • How black tourmaline recycles energies and the many ways it can help you. (Chapter 4)
    • The problems with keeping crystals by electronics. (Chapter 3)
    • More on why citrine isn’t actually the best manifestation stone for most situations. (Chapter 3)
    • Why most citrine isn’t actually citrine. (Chapter 6)
    • More ways to work with your crystals. (Chapter 12)

    As always, I share this information with you so that they may be of assistance in your journey of greater happiness and fulfillment.

    May the crystals help you and guide you.

    Crystal Blessings,