Hematite Included Quartz with Dolomite and Chalcopyrite

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I’ve been holding on to these beauties for so long, waiting for the right time for them to come out. They finally told me that it was time! (So exciting!!!

The foundation of these specimens are the quartz clusters. But these quartz clusters are also included with hematite-- meaning that at some point in the crystal’s growth it was covered with a layer of hematite, and then quartz growth continued over it. This results in the specimens being impregnated with hematite energy-- a grounding, Mother-Earth connecting, physical body energizing, physical life-supporting energy-- that is then turbo-boosted because of the quartz. This makes for a “livelier” hematite experience.

Then, these hematite included quartzes are dusted (heavily!) with the pink-hued version of dolomite. Dolomite is a stone that calms, soothes, and softens the emotional body-- much like the feeling of calming a fussy baby. Additionally there is the chalcopyrite dotted all over the specimen bringing in the energy of quickened manifestation, pyrite energy with a burst of momentum to get manifestation rolling.

This combination of minerals create a powerful harmonic within a single specimen: The hematite included quartz bringing a sparkling physical vibrancy, the dolomite soothing and then encouraging the emotions of the heart with a tone of mirth, and the chalcopyrite stimulating one to try out new things. Together it creates energies of joyousness and personal adventure, with the heart chakra as the main focal point of healing. Thus, the combination of harmonic energies makes this crystal ideal for someone who could use help finding their own heart’s joy-- to learn what pleases them and makes them happy when they are on their own.

Discovering all the small things that brings one joy develops a self-awareness that begets an inner radiance that leads to self-fulfillment. It’s a process that brings you toward deeper happiness. And if you are also seeking a partnership, it’s a process that can help you become clear on the kind of partner that is most complimentary to you. In other words, it will be obvious what kind of energies in a partner you would need to be fully supported-- which in turn helps you not waste energy in relationships that are not suitable for you.

Thus, this is a crystal that helps you find and dwell in your own happiness-- with the side-effect of helping you be your own best matchmaker too.

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