Smoky Quartz (France/Italy)

$ 430
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SMOKY QUARTZ is the energetic battery charger for the physical body. It’s especially helpful for those that are dealing with challenges of the physical body, who want to be in stronger, more vibrant health.

Smoky Quartz is found all over the world, each with its own nuance of how it expresses smoky quartz energy.quartz energy that I have ever experienced. They are watery clear and softly tinted with an energy just as soothing (which is quite unique for a smoky quartz!)

These smoky quartzes would be ideal for those who are in need of gentle and steady recovery of their physical body.  

Smoky quartz gets their color from absorbing natural radiation from Mother Earth. This makes them energetically supportive to those who need radiative therapy as part of their treatment.

While smoky quartz is a common crystal, France is an uncommon locality for smoky quartz. Smoky quartz from this area does not come up in the market, especially in these price points. Keep this in mind if you are resonating with this crystal, or you feel a pull to get this crystal for someone else.

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