Hourglass Amethyst

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Hailing from Morocco, these naturally double terminated crystals are a combination of clear quartz imbued with wisps of amethyst, mostly concentrated at the tips. These amethysts have a soft energy, unhurried and flowing-- which is the kind of energy they encourage you to tune into as you experience the great and endless creative energy of the spiritual dimensions.

The double points help facilitate the transfer of spiritual dimensional energy into other chakras to support the way you personally express creativity.

For instance, one could use the Hourglass Amethyst to take creative inspiration from the third eye chakra and then direct it into the solar plexus for a deeper and more emotionally inspired acting performance or writing of a story. Or one can direct the creative energy from the third eye and then into the navel chakra which would inspire you to creatively find other paths of manifestation that you may not have thought of.

Thus, Hourglass Amethyst helps one engage with the spirit worlds, but also helps one direct these energies into the lower chakras, where the energy can be then expressed through you.

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