Pink Chalcedony

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These undulating beauties have a sweet, but tenacious energy to the expression of their heart healing energies. Instead of taking things so seriously, these crystals ask you to learn how to have fun with the experience of loving, and to explore the desires of your heart without constant analysis and judgement.

If you are someone who has a somewhat inflexible list of what is love-worthy (or not) and thinks about love in terms of “shoulds” (e.g. “If someone loves me they should do _________.” or “If I loved myself, then I should be doing _______”), then this crystal can support you in become more flexible, and ultimately more satisfied with your love life-- both with yourself and others.

On a side note:
These crystals were hand-mined by a sweet and charming elderly gentleman who absolutely loved searching for rocks. He spent half the year with his wife in their motorhome traveling around the country, going to remote locations, digging up rocks, gleefully hiking up and down mountains with 50 pound bags on rocks his back. His joy for rockhounding no doubt kept him active and strong. It never felt like I was talking to an old man, for when I talked to him about rocks his eyes would glitter and his voice would sparkle with the energy of an enthusiastic child.

He was 74 years old the last time I saw him when he matter-of-factly told me that it would be the final year I would see him. After spending so much time traveling, he promised his wife he would retire from rockhounding when he turned 75 so they could settle down and so they could peacefully be in once place together. And he was good on his word. 💖 🥰 💖

I procured this lot many years ago, and haven’t seen more since then. Unless he’s told someone else, or someone else discovers his secret place, I won’t be getting any more of these particular crystals. If you decide to get one of these, you now have an idea of how much love was involved by the person who mined it for you.
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