Rose Quartz (Decorator Sized)

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Weighing over a hefty 31 pounds, this rose quartz radiates a gentle but steady glow of loving energy. This huge decorator sized specimen is ready to be placed in your home or in another significant area so that it may support those who are around it.

This very large crystal is ideal to be used in a meditation area or altar space. It can also be featured in a room where you most want to cultivate energies of universal love. One of my favorite places to put rose quartz is in children’s bedrooms, as it gives extra support to the heart chakra of the child, enhancing the energy of love around them.

Avoid placing this rose quartz near electronics, as any kind of quartz magnifies the deleterious effects of subtle EMF’s produced by electronic devices.

*To learn more about the interaction of quartz and electronics, see Chapter 3 of The Crystal Workshop: A Journey Into the Healing Power of Crystals.

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