Smoky Quartz (Brazil)

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SMOKY QUARTZ is the energetic battery charger for the physical body. It’s especially helpful for those that are dealing with challenges of the physical body, who want to be in stronger, more vibrant health. And as smoky quartz gets their color from absorbing natural radiation from Mother Earth. This makes smoky quartz energetically supportive to those who need radiative therapy as part of their treatment.

Brazil is one of the main sources of smoky quartz crystals in the world. Though Brazilian quartz is easily found, it is most often sold adulterated. It is difficult to mine and ship crystals with their natural points intact, so mines often mechanically polish the points to be “sharp” again, even on quartz clusters. But this damages the natural energetic flow of the crystal 

Wonderfully, this smoky quartz cluster has escaped the phony treatment that befalls most quartz crystals that come out of Brazil. There are some small chips on some of the points, but otherwise the rest of the cluster’s points are naturally intact, making for a much more powerful crystal than is usually found available to buy.

All smoky quartz is clear quartz that has turned darker in color as a result of being bathed in natural radiation generated from within Mother Earth. It is her radiation that turns the stone from clear to smoky colored. And because smoky quartz has this natural resonance, it is metaphysically helpful for those who are undergoing radiation treatment by helping one to energetically adapt and assimilate radiative energies.

Of all the variations of smoky quartz I carry, this is the version I would most likely recommend for someone who is having continued radiation therapy to support them in their healing process.

5.25 x 9.5 x 4.4 inches - 6.12 lbs - $1400

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