dravite place 8 healing
dravite place 8 healing
dravite place 8 healing


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DRAVITE can polarize energies to make it see more clearly what is working for you... and what is not. Working with DRAVITE can clarify which direction in life that truly serves you, thus pointing you in the right direction to energetically manifest into.

It’s a great stone to help you as you move through the journey of life when your experience follows the pattern of two steps forward, one step back. DRAVITE is especially helpful for taking the negative energies of the past and recycling them into neutral or positive energies of the future as you move toward your deepest fulfillment. 

These beautifully terminated tourmalines are individually unique. Yours will be like the ones shown

Jaiarkot District, Bheri Zone, Nepal

Approximately 17 grams

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