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This kit has been put together especially to support those who are in grief. 

If you have a loved on that is about to cross over, or is already past the physical realm, this collection of crystals and flower essence has been made to help you energetically during this time. As in photo, it contains:

A combination flower essence formulated to help ease the heart in times of grief. Can be sprayed in the mouth or on and around the face as needed. 
A slice of polished selenite to help lighten the energy of the loved one that is departing. Also supports the lightening of grief by opening and accelerating the healing energy of Divine White Light through you.
This crystal helps you to better kinesthetically/physically sense your angels, spirit guides, and any other loved ones that have crossed over. 
This crystal also helps you sense your angels, spirit guides, and other loved ones not in the physical realm, but in a more auditory way. This crystal helps you to hear the messages they are sending you.
A crystal that acts as a heart chakra antenna. Helps you connect to the love given by your loved ones in the ethereal realms.
The crystal for unconditional love. Supports the heart through times of grief. Can also be programmed with the energy of a loved one.

For more information on grief and grieving with crystals, along with further information on how to program rose quartz with the energy of a loved one, see this blog post.

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