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If you wish to be better at sensing the presence of your spirit guides, angels and other loved ones no longer in the physical, then try using blue anhydrite (a.k.a. angelite) to help you become more aware of their continued presence in your life.

While there are other stones that also help you connect to one’s angels, anhydrite is ideal for helping you connect to your guides kinesthetically, helping you become more physically aware of their “presence” around you.

One way you will notice their energy is when you experience a gentle nudge of feeling that pulls at your inner attention, especially toward something outside of yourself. You may get the sense to look a certain direction, walk down a different path, or an urge to call someone. In each instance, the outcome will feel guided by a specific someone who deeply loves you, someone that is not present in the physical.

Working with anhydrite helps you begin to differentiate between your own intuition and the guidance of your spiritual guides and crossed over loved ones that are with you in every moment of your life, helping you become more attuned to the soft and gentle frequency in which they transmit their support from.

Read more about how to work with blue anhydrite in this blog post.

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