For those of you who are wanting to give meaningful and helpful gifts of support, here is a list of crystals that would be energetically helpful for some of the most common energetic challenges that I encounter... 



Because BLACK TOURMALINE is exceptional in balancing polarities, it is a great gift for someone who is experiencing bad “luck.” By recycling negative energy into positive energy, it can shift someone out of the energetic rut they are in, by nudging their energy toward more beneficial patterns that can create more “lucky” situations for them.


Anxiety is the result of suppressed energy simmering in fear. While there are many crystals that can help depending on the individual and their specific patterns of anxiety, a good crystal to start with is LEPIDOLITE. By helping to support calm, it can settle someone’s energy enough so that they can become aware of, and thus begin healing, the root cause of their anxiety.


When emotions are ignored, a person’s energy piles up in the solar plexus. If these emotions continue to get stuffed down, then the energy becomes mixed up and compacted. Because their emotions are tangled into one energetic mass with no distinctly recognizable features, a person ends up unable to make clear sense of what they are feeling. MALACHITE is the crystal that can help unjumble someone’s emotions layer by layer, helping to reveal feelings that can then be sorted out. Thus, malachite makes a great stone for those who are in a rut of ennui (a.k.a. the blahs, melancholy, apathy, doldrums) and brings clarity and color into their emotional worlds again.

Of all the forms of malachite, “DRUZY” MALACHITE literally sparkles emanating delight and joy, helping make the process of uncovering constipated emotions to be more “fun” that expected!


Do you know someone who is beautiful and wonderful, simply a lovely person to be around, who gives so much to others around them... yet, does not love themselves very much? If so, a ROSE QUARTZ GEODE could be of great energetic help to them. Rose quartz is the crystal of universal love, and geodes are about focusing that energy within. Together these energies combine in rose quartz geodes to create an energy that helps someone to better see and recognize the beauty and love they have within themself.  


If someone is about to venture into a new project or activity, and is worried about their capabilities, then PREHNITE may be the perfect crystal for them. Prehnite helps boost self-esteem, and is often found intermixed with EPIDOTE, which has a don’t-think too-much-about- it/“just-do-it”kickstarting vibe. Together, it creates a powerful combined energy to support more confidence in a person. 


https://gem-3910432.netIf you know someone who working on manifesting a project into being, then PYRITE could be of great assistance to them. Though they are solar plexus manifestation stones, the fact that they contain so much iron makes them incredible for grounding too. CUBIC PYRITE in particular, is ideal for helping someone complete projects that have definite physical boundaries (for example, a project with a firm due date, a budget, or parameters of dimensions or size-- basically any project that needs to be “fully completed” when finished.) Other PYRITE, like these clustered ones from Peru, are more suited for ongoing projects where manifestation is needed continually over time. 


HEMATITE is a wondrous stone for the multitude of support it gives. (It’s so amazing an entire 24 pages is dedicated about to it in my book!) But one aspect in particular that makes it quite useful is how it can help support better sleep. By heightening the frequency of grounding energies, it can help someone become more in sync with the rejuvenating cycles of rest of Mother Earth.  


Again, BLACK TOURMALINE is the best suited stone for helping someone who is working at a stressful job. Its ability to help recycle negative energy into positive energy means that it can assist challenging situations at work-- and take terrible interactions and situations and turn them around into something beneficial and positive. (*Special note! For stressful jobs, the Australian or Chinese black tourmalines are better to have as they are physically sturdier and not nearly as prone to fracturing under intense energetic use than the more commonly found Brazilian tourmalines.)   


Sometimes you know someone who has so much talent and so many gifts to give to the world, but due to fears of the unknown-- and perhaps a need for security-- is hesitant to make the leap of faith to follow their dreams. ASTROPHYLLITE is a disco ball of dazzling, sparkling, and joyful energy. Resonating with the minor chakra in the knees, these crystals encourage someone to make life choices that are more fun, more adventurous-- and ultimately way more fulfilling. 

MOROCCOAN CHALCEDONY FIGURES also resonate with the energy of following one’s dream through adventure, except with a more laid-back, take-it-easy-you’ll-get-there vibe.


Life becomes much more difficult when one is not feeling physically well. So much energy is focused on the body, and it drains the energy from other important areas of one life. SMOKY QUARTZ is a great for those who have been experiencing physical illness, as it potentizes the flow of energy moving through and out the body on a physical level. It also facilitates generating the additional energy needed for the body to heal itself. Energetically supportive of both acute and chronic physical conditions, this crystal would be a great gift for someone who could use more physical encouragement.

I have a couple of new and different types of smoky quartz available, more rare and unusual than the ones commonly seen for sale. First, is SMOKY QUARTZ from France, which holds the softest and gentlest smoky quartz energy that I have ever experienced! This kind of smoky quartz would be ideal for those who are in need of gentle and steady recovery of their body

In contrast, the DAUPHINE TWIN SMOKY QUARTZ from Malawi is a far more intense version of smoky quartz. Its more forceful, purifying energy would be extremely supportive of those who have been dealing with chronic conditions, for example, those that have had illnesses that have impaired their energy levels. This crystal wants to help you bust through whatever health plateau that has long been stagnating you.


Like a reclining cat or dog that makes a big streeeeeetch... and then goes right back into its nap, SNAKESKIN AGATE brings a soft, cozy, and relaxed calmness to the energy around someone. This stone is especially great for someone who has a very busy life where they don’t get many relaxing breaks. Or it could be ideal for someone whose mind is very busy, as this stone can help bring an energy of ease when they take a moment to be with the crystal. 


Singledom can be challenging as being with one’s self can be painful when longing for an intimate connection with another. But it is also an ideal time to work on creating healthier patterns of energy that result in a stronger foundation for a relationship in the future. PINK RHOMBOID CALCITE can help someone reveal and transform these patterns so they go into their next relationship stronger and healthier than they were before.