• Thank You for Your Support

    Thank You for Your Support

    To all the clients and followers of Place 8 Healing,

    I want to take a moment and thank you for all your support these past years.

    Place 8 Healing has always been a labor of love more than it has been a business for profit. Though I could have easily ridden the wave of crystal healing’s popularity and made as much money as I could, money has never directed why I do my work. Instead, my goal has always been to bring awareness to the deep healing that can come from working with crystals in a true and undiluted way.

    To be honest, it’s been a hard journey at times. The Universe has its own pace, which is considered, perfect, and precise-- but from my impatient perspective, slow! So years ago when things were especially hard, I received the nudge from the Universe to close my physical space. I had worked very hard to bring Place 8 Healing into the physical and my ego felt that I was giving up by closing the space, even if only temporarily, and I had no idea what was going to happen next. But, the Universe’s guidance was very clear, and I had experience to know that it was best to listen.

    But do you know what happened just after I closed my space?: I got an email from my now publisher saying they wanted me to write a crystal book.

    Cue stunned face.

    What perfect timing. Without the responsibility of having to manage a physical outpost, it was the ideal time for me to write a book.

    The next three years became the most mentally excruciating experience I’ve ever had. Putting immaterial and multi-dimensional concepts into linear words was intense. Plus, it made things difficult to not to earn income during this time. But I recognized how much of an honor it was to be a messenger for the crystals and this knowledge carried me though the challenging times.

    The book will eventually turn a profit, but it may be awhile before it happens. And even at that, I’m not sure what I make up for the three years I went without income. But again, I didn’t write the book to make money. I wrote the book because it would get helpful crystal information into the world. In that, I have accomplished my goal, and this has made this time worthwhile.

    Though at the moment things are still financially lean, I have not stopped planning to reopen Place 8 Healing (nor for those wondering, creating more pieces for my jewelry line). If I have learned anything, it’s that when the time is right, the Universe will bring all the necessary pieces together and will let me know it's time to move forward again.

    I do miss the profound experience of facilitating them, but I’m being told to wait before I resume crystal healing sessions again. So for those of you who have been waiting patiently to have a session, it's going to be an indefinite time longer. If you are seeking healing, there are many modalities that can help you. Do not hesitate to seek healing from them.

    Meanwhile, I want to let you know that the Universe is guiding me to work on some non-crystal related side projects. I will still be working on Place 8 Healing and posting new crystals, but I’m not sure how frequently I will be putting content up. Aside from the reason that my energy being elsewhere, it’s also because the crystals dictate what I release to the public. The crystals wait for the right moment to be presented, exactly when their energies will be most helpful. Though I get inklings of which crystals are going to be coming to the forefront, when they exactly want to come out is not always something I necessarily know ahead of time! So when I do promote a crystal, it’s because something is going on energetically that is strongly resonating with the crystal.

    Another announcement I want to make is that over time, I will be slowly weaning off from selling a wide range of crystals. Though I have substantial reserves of crystals to distribute, and though it will be awhile before they will all be sold, I will eventually come to a point where I will only have a minimal range of crystals to sell. This is because I foresee a time where my attention will be on other things and I won’t have the time to devote individually vetting and hand selecting crystals as I have.

    As tumultuous as the past year has been, it’s actually been a powerful time for healing. And though this year will have its own surprises, know that spiritual progress is being made. So take heart. Know that by seeking your own healing, you are in fact bringing more healing energies into the world, and uplifting the energies of the world on the whole.

    The crystals want to express their appreciation to you, for your continued support as a result of your efforts to truly learn about them. I too wish to express my appreciation for your patience and companionship with me while I’ve been on this path. It’s been an journey for sure, but I’m honored to do it.

    Crystal Blessings,