Since late last year I’ve been hearing energetic murmurings from this particular family of stones, growing louder and stronger as the weeks go by. When something like this happens it means that the energetic signature of these stones is resonating profoundly with the energetic healing that is needed now and in the upcoming months and years ahead of us.


Over the next weeks, I’m going to be devoting time to sharing information about the obsidian family. Because of their insistence, I have been gathering many different varieties of obsidian to share with you, each with their own specific nuance of obsidian energy to help you in your lives.


To help you understand what this stone is attuned to assisting with, let me begin by describing its physical properties: When cleaved to an edge, obsidian is the sharpest material on earth, far sharper than steel. In fact in electro microscopic comparisons of their edges obsidian is smooth while steel has a ragged edge. The reason why this is so is because steel molecules rip apart following the pattern of their crystal lattice. Much like the fuzzy border on the torn off edge of perforated paper, steel molecules leave a microscopically bumpy edge (hence the reason why you use a sharpening steel on your kitchen knives to align the microscopically bumpy edge to be straight.) Meanwhile, obsidian can create an edge that is 3 nanometers thick (for comparison, a strand of DNA is 2.5 nanometers thick). So narrow is its edge that under a microscope, cells cut with steel looks as if they have been cut with a chainsaw, while obsidian slices the cells cleanly in half. This is because of obsidian’s unique properties as a mineraloid.

Scanning electron microscope photo of a surgical scalpel versus an obsidian blade. Magnification of 10,000x. Photo by Bringham Young University.

You see, obsidian is not a true crystal. For something to be geologically considered a crystal, it needs to have a crystal lattice, a repeating structure of atoms modularly built upon one another. But obsidian does not have this repeating structure of molecules. Though it has the same composition of quartz (SiO2), it doesn’t have the same atomic structure. 


Think of it this way: Quartz is like a wall built of bricks. The bricks are stacked in an orderly repeating pattern. Obsidian is like a pile of bricks dumped on the group. It’s the same brick material but it isn’t organized.

The same silicon dioxide molecule with amorphous arrangement (left) versus crystalline arrangement (right). 

This is why obsidian is considered a mineraloid instead of a true mineral. Although not a true crystal obsidian is still an object made by Mother Earth from her own body and contains her powerful healing energies. 


One of the most prominent metaphysical signatures for obsidian is its “cutting” energies. Obsidian is the ultimate stone for cutting energies that no longer serve you. And it does so with precision.


What are the energies holding you back right now? What are the situations you are involved in that you no longer want to be a part of? Do you have beliefs about your self- worth that were programmed into you as a child? Are there relationships you are in that no longer serve you? These are some of the kinds of energies that may be holding you back-- little balls and chains in your energy field (or big balls and chains) making things difficult for you to move through life with grace and ease. Like something stuck in your craw, if you have the sense that there is something that needs to be removed, obsidian can be the stone that can help you cut it out. Even if you don’t know what exactly needs to be cut out, obsidian can help you figure it out.


This does not mean using obsidian energy will be “bloodless”. Because when you’re cutting away energies that no longer serve you, the fallout sometimes entails a bit of dramatics-- particularly if there is resistance to letting something go. The obsidian cutting process has the potential to be a bit theatrical because, the sudden removal of something that has been a regular part of your life might be surprising and shocking (in a good way) to you. Luckily the other significant energy signature that I find with obsidian is that it’s gentle. As outwardly dramatic as the experience might look to others, you are likely to find that it’s a far more gentle experience than you could have imagined. Obsidian energy makes the process cleaner and more expedient because of its precision and accuracy!

The following are different kinds of obsidian and the nuances that each obsidian energy produces.

Which version calls most out to you?

Like a slow burble rising from within a thick liquid, marekanite metaphysically resonates with allowing things that need to be cut from one’s life to be gently purged in a concise and paced way. Found as spherules surrounded in a matrix of perlite, marekanite seems to be cradled within the perlite, sometimes hidden within until enough perlite is sloughed away to reveal the obsidian within.


The perlite matrix energetically helps one shed and reveal what needs to be resolved next. Additionally, perlite has an absorptive quality to it, as it is used as a filtration material. Perlite also has an absorptive quality metaphysically. This makes these specimens an ideal stone to work with if you want to remove energies slowly and in a steady way. It can be a great type of obsidian to work with if you want to cut things more gently out of your life bit by bit.

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What creates the sheen in these obsidians are tiny flattened gas bubbles dotting the stone in layers. The sheen colors range in an ombre of silver and gold, with specimens often leaning toward either more silver or gold. Filled with the air element, these obsidians are helpful to reveal the thoughts that are most important for you to address and cut out.


Sheen obsidian has a fine effervescent energetic signature to it that helps to soften your energy and reveal what unsupportive thoughts you may have that are really bringing you down. With all the many electrical synapses shooting through your brain, the energy of thoughts can be very spikey. Working with sheen obsidian can soften the mind so that thoughts can retreat into the background to a sort of a white noise. With the majority of one’s thoughts softened into the background as delightful fizz, the energy of the thoughts that have not joined the effervescence becomes apparent. The remaining spikey thought patterns that need to be dealt with come to the foreground by the sheer contrasting textural difference and allow themselves to be identified so that you can cut them out of your life. You can then recognize and identify the negative thoughts or unhelpful belief systems that are not supporting you. Thus the energy of this obsidian lends itself well to be used with meditation, journaling, or dream work. 


These Sheen Obsidians are weighty pieces that would work well being held or kept in one’s lap while meditating, held and fiddled with while journaling, or placed on a bedside stand for sleeping with (you can put it under your bed too!)

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Velvet Obsidian has an affinity for helping heal mental trauma. If in the past words have been used to hurt and abuse you, Velvet Obsidian can help heal these wounds so that they no longer affect you.


Determining trauma from words can be challenging. Especially when as a child, the experience of receiving verbal abuse can be so emotionally intense that one may try to disassociate in order to cope with the overwhelming feelings they are having. This could involve remembering the event but not remembering what was said. Yet, the energy of the words said still resonates within one’s energy field, continuing to be carried through one’s life until it becomes addressed.


It can also be that one does remember exactly what hurtful things were said to them, where the words then echo within the mind, engraving themselves deeper and deeper into their energy field until it becomes a regular thought pattern embedded in the mind.


In both cases, Velvet Obsidian can offer some help with healing these unbeneficial energetic patterns. Velvet Obsidian can gently surround your energy and give you a safe space so that it can begin softly revealing the energetic mental patterns that linger in your field and need healing.


Velvet Obsidian is also an ideal stone to work with for meditation, journaling, and dream work. 


These freeform polished stones have gentle monochrome bands that move through the crystal. They are the perfect substantial size for holding in your hand.

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If you have been slogging through your life and are wondering what has been holding you back, try working with this stone. Mahogany Obsidian can help reveal what energies in your life need to be cut out that are dragging you down. 


This type of obsidian is helpful for those who are unclear about which energetic patterns are impacting their lives because they are deeply entangled in your daily existence. Whether it be situations, people, or thought patterns, Mahogany Obsidian can help with the attrition of these unhelpful energies from your life.


These little spheres are great to keep where you sense the unhelpful energetic patterns are most prevalent. The sphere shape helps send out energy in all directions, so it can be placed in whatever physical area (bedroom, desk, living room, etc.) you feel you could best use its help.


Like other obsidians, Midnight Lace Obsidian has a powerful cutting energy that can help you cut out what you no longer need from you life. However, Midnight Lace Obsidian has what can be best described as a “rounder” and more “ephemeral” version of obsidian energy.


Evanescent bands of black obsidian drift through its translucent grey background-- an energy that is reminiscent of the movement of underwater kelp forests swaying gently back and forth underneath the ocean waves, or of a gently shifting wind that steadily blows through a forest. It’s still wants to assist you in cutting things from your life that you no longer need, but in a “softer” way, for lack of a better word.

Obsidian daggers contain all the cutting powers of theobsidian family but in a potentized way because of its shape. Formed wholly byMother Earth and her tectonic processes, these dagger-like shapes can be usedas wands to help cut out negative energies, thoughts, and attachments fromauric bodies. A powerful tool for healers.

Crystal Blessings,