• The Joy of Pandemic Energies

    The Joy of Pandemic Energies

    Wow. Another year that flew by!

    For those of you wondering that happened to me and Place 8 Healing-- I’m/we’re still here. Things may be outwardly quiet, but there’s been a lot happening, especially for me. But I’m sure a lot has been happening to you too, as the energies surrounding us during this pandemic have dramatically altered our lives. Much energy is still shifting and things haven’t settled yet-- and they probably won’t for a long while. But that’s not a bad thing!

    That’s because the world’s energies had been stuck in a terrible rut. Collectively, we had been on a path where it we had a hard time addressing the ills all around us because we were too busy, too rushed to actually experience how truly unsatisfying the world environment was. It was a momentum we didn’t know how to stop-- until a worldwide pandemic slammed the brakes for us.

    Now we’ve had more time at home, we’ve had more time to evaluate what is truly meaningful to us. The pandemic caused an energetic multi-lane car crash pile up in all our lives, and as the energy continues to shift around it it creates a lot of things to sort out. Though we may be experiencing pain, grief, anger, sadness and all other sorts of not-so-pleasant emotions, this is actually a positive thing as this is now the ideal energetic environment for letting things come up to the surface to be healed. Because the “normal” routines have been disrupted, we’ve now had more time for ourselves, to our homes, and our personal lives, giving us a chance to realize all the important things in our lives that we put on the backburner. The fall out from the pandemic has now given us the time to deal with them.

    This is why so much tumult has been happening socially: All systems have been jolted by the pandemic. Energy patterns that were once collectively held together by the fabric of society are changing and adapting to the new circumstances, allowing new energies to take their place. Energies that were before ignored, are now rising to be surfaced and addressed as people adjust to new ways of living. This is why so many issues of human rights from racism, sexism, gender rights, and other social issues have been very present of late. And as odd as it may seem, the vocal expression of the many wing nuts coming out of the woodwork is also sign of imminent positivity as well. For the many people who had before kept their distorted opinions to themselves and on the down-low, are now barfing them up. Because they are no longer are hiding this energy subconsciously, these layers can finally surface. And as they are expressed, they can then be addressed, which is how the healing process begins. Again, nothing is quite the linear process, and there are tons of drama and pain that comes with it. But as the energies become clearer, it also becomes clearer what needs to be healed. And as things become identified, we then have a clearer idea what needs to be done to heal it. 

    Having said all this, this tornado of energy has affected me as well. Personally and professionally, I too am discovering energies that want to surface to be healed, and energies that I didn’t know existed within me that now can manifest because of the energetic spaces that have opened up because of the greater changes around me. I’m sure I’m not alone in experiencing this!

    So as of now, I am not working with crystals so much outwardly. There are other paths that have opened up to me at this moment that I am compelled to follow. And while I’m not doing sessions or have any immediate plans to reopen the space, I can tell you that my crystal work and Place 8 Healing are always being attended to in other, less material dimensions. This means when it’s time for Place 8 Healing to reappear in the physical, all its energetic “blueprints” will have already been implemented to help it manifest definitively into this dimension!

    But this doesn’t mean I won’t have crystals to share with you. I will never be totally on hiatus from the crystals! I still have a warehouse full of crystal beings to present to you, and will be bringing them out whenever the stars align for me to share them with you. My intention this past year was to bring to you crystals on the regular, but this year has turned out to be quite the whirlwind, and things didn’t go out the way I planned. (As if it ever really does! The Universe always likes to keep things surprising.) But that’s the fun of riding the energetic wave of the Universe. If you go where it takes you it will always be far more magical and amazing than you could have ever imagined.

    Crystal Blessings,