Though Place 8 Healing is known for high-quality metaphysical crystals, we still carry plenty of helpful gifts for those on a budget! 


I’d personally be delighted if I found a lump of coal in my stocking! That’s because ANTHRACITE (the hardest form of coal) is actually a crystal... and a crystal with very helpful healing properties!

When one has a lot of quick thinking to do, like when one has a very busy day, anthracite is the ally stone to work with to neutralize the static that ends up in the crown chakra. After an intense day of mental activity, people may notice a buzzing energy around their head when trying to fall asleep. They find themselves kept awake by thoughts that are still running in the background and a sensation akin to a faint electrical hum surrounding the head. Anthracite helps settle this hum so that you can let go of thinking and fall into a restful sleep.

It's such a useful stone-- one of my most recommended stones for sleeping!


for size small 


Does the person you are gifting want to learn more about crystals? Then how about giving them a copy of The Crystal Workshop: A Journey Through the Healing Power of Crystals. I wrote this book because I felt that other crystal books were focused on the properties of crystals, rather than how to actually connect with and use crystalline energy for healing.

This book will guide the reader through all the basics of how crystal healing works, along with exercises to help them connect to the crystals so they can develop their own intuitive abilities and determine the healing properties of any crystal they pick up!

It’s more economical for you to buy the book through a website like Amazon. But you can get the CRYSTAL EXERCISE KIT here and give your giftee the crystals they need to do the exercises in the book.

$30 for the exercise kit

$24.95 for the book

There are three stones I consider essential for any crystal kit-- black tourmaline, hematite, and rose quartz-- because they hold the energies people need to work with most often. To make it easier to work with these crystals, I have put them into a pocket stone set, with three crystals of each kind-- a total of 9 pocket stones.

They can be put in various locations (e.g. one for the pocket, one by the bed, one in their water bottle) or can be shared with friends and loved ones. Either way, it’s a great way to make sure to have these stones available to work with!


If you have a loved one that is feeling lost about which way their life is going, perhaps a MOROCCAN CHALCEDONY FIGURE would cheer them up.

A bulbous member of the quartz family, this crystal wants to encourage you to relax and find your contentment while staying present to opportunities that will eventually come to you. The vibe of this stone is like one of a spiritual surfer dude who is encouraging you to be present in this moment and be at peace with your surroundings while the perfect wave makes its way to you.

 $33 each

When a client in a crystal healing session is feeling anxiety, one of the first stones I turn to to help them is lepidolite.

Lepidolite helps to soothe anxiety by calming down the mind. The mind is not always helpful to us because it can imagine lots of different outcomes to worry about. What lepidolite does is to mute the mind long enough so you can connect to a deeper level of clarity on what you’re feeling and why you are feeling it. You can then have more awareness of what you need to do next to bring yourself greater happiness and fulfillment.

SHEET LEPIDOLITE is a beautiful form of lepidolite. Its flatness makes it great for laying down and doing meditations with it placed over the third eye. I’ve seen the crystal work very quickly when intentionally used in this way, with one memory in particular of a client who had been long avoiding making an important life decision, finally doing so as soon as this crystal was placed on her forehead!

 $20 - $30

for pocket sized stones

Animals are some of the most important spiritual teachers in our lives. Our pets love us and teach us, and in turn, we take care of them physically. Sometimes this care means taking them to the vet, which as much as part of them understands is a necessary thing, can still be a very scary and stressful experience for them (all those smells at the vet!)

One great way to help them feel more at ease is to use flower essences on them. The ANI-MATES FLOWER ESSENCE GIFT SET contains the two very useful flower essence remedies for helping bring down their stress and anxiety, including the all-purpose Five Flower Formula and Animal Relief Remedy, specially developed by animal communicator Teresa Wagner to use on injured, restless, nervous, or anxious animals.

 A truly helpful set for any animal or animal lover.


for gift box set

Flower essences are amongst my favorite healing tools outside of crystals. And there are many other flower essence formulas we carry as well including ACTIV-8, which I call as my “get s&#! done spray” because it helps me overcome inertia and procrastination, FEAR-LESS which energetically helps to reduce fear and anxiety, FLORA-SLEEP to help you fall asleep and stay asleep deeply, GRIEF RELIEF for helping soothe a broken heart, and MAGENTA SELF-HEALER for helping the physical body recover from injury.

And in addition to these favorites, there are other flower essence sprays that we carry. You can find them at the link here.

Want to still give some kind of gift of healing but not sure what to get? How about a DIGITAL GIFT CARD?